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SquatPro™ Toilet Stool

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No More Painful Bowel Moments With Our New SquatPro™ Toilet Stool!

Experience less straining and fecal stagnation! Relax your muscles by using the SquatPro™ to relief your prostate and help alleviate hemorrhoids due to the perfect squatting postition

Our SquatPro™ is the perfect stool for any bathroom! It measures 7-inches, is foldable, and quite compact so it stays out of the way when not in use. Ensure a pleasant smell with the replaceable spice box to optimize your bowel experience.

You can easily store it around the base of your toilet or inside a cabinet.

  • Achieve the optimal squatting position for healthier bowel movements.
  • Reduces straining and alleviates constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Folding design, easy to carry, also suitable for children to use.
  • Rubber grips on feet and textured grip on surface for stability and comfort .
  • Ergonomic, universal fit for all toilets.


Package includes 1 x SquatPro™ Toilet Stool.

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