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Pakeway™ | Pets Coat Brush

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Does your pet suffer from annoying tangles or hair loss? Are the hairs flying around and do you have to use the vacuum cleaner every day?

Then our Pakeway™ Brush is just exactly what you're looking for!


It removes all tangles and excess hair in minutes without disturbing your furry friend. Let your pet relax and get a shiny coat!

After using our Pakeway™ Brush, the coat of your friendly four-legged friend will look healthy, shiny and well-groomed again!

You'll be amazed at how much hair comes loose. Cats find our Brush very pleasant to use. Regular brushing and massage can improve blood circulation and relax your pet.

What makes our Brush so special?

✔️ Easy to remove - You can remove loose hairs in seconds. This saves you the hassle of removing hair between the teeth on the comb.

✔️ Fur-friendly - Our professional brush is ideal for most hair types - short, medium and long hair, thick, thin, curly and big tangled hair - it can do it all!

✔️ Conveniently - It is ideal for almost all Pets and is especially popular among owners of cats and dogs.

✔️ Improves blood circulation - Pakeway™ bristles are fine curved wires that are designed to penetrate deep into the fur and can really brush the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin!

A special offer for our great customers!

To thank our customers for the last few months, we have prepared an exclusive discount:

For a short time, you can get the Pakeway™ Brush for a 50% Discount!

Please note that this action is valid only while we have stock.

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