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Mirlight™ Moon Mirror Lamp

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This Mirror Turns Into An Illuminated Moon!

Add a touch of modern aesthetic to your room with our Magic Mirlight™. This beautifully designed mirror will completely change the look of your room. This is the only mirror that will make your fantasy dreams come true.

With the light turned off it's a beautiful minimalistic mirror, with the light turned on it's a soft glowing ambient moon. Instantly transform any bedroom, office or living room with Mirlight™.

✔️ Aesthetic Touch - Instantly add a unique peace of Art into your room

✔️ Versatile - Use the Mirlight™ as a normal Mirror or as a Moon Lamp during the night

✔️ Perfect Gift - Gift this unique mirror to the ones you love

✔️ Exquisite Workmanship - Made out of a Wooden Frame, the Mirlight™ guarantees sturdiness

✔️ Easy Installation - Simply hang it on any wall you like or just place it on a table and plug it to a socket

Let your imagination take you away. The LED's behind the mirror go unnoticeable during the day, so it will only look like a mirror to your naked eye. Turn the night to an unforgetable experience when turning on the moon LED's.


Package Includes:

1x Mirlight™ Moon Mirror Lamp

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