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Lockink™ Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock

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Protect One Of Your Most Valuable Assets With This Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock!

Prevent your car from being stolen with our advanced tamper-proof locking system. By locking it to the wheel, Lockink™ makes it impossible for thieves to steal your car.

Our high quality Lock is made of stainless steel and only takes seconds to install by twisting it . Lockink™ is compact and can be easily stored in your trunk!

The Key design is nearly impossible to copy. Locks onto your steering wheel making it impossible to turnOur Lockink™ is suitable for almost any steering wheel!


✔️ Anti-Theft - The baseball lock design is tougher for thieves to defeat, a handy tool to have and is as solid as it looks so a psychological and a physical barrier against theft.

✔️ Durable & Strong - Lockink™ resists prying, sawing, hammering, and Freon attacks and provides low mutual opening rate.

✔️ Versatile Usage - besides of locking your car, you can use Lockink™ as a good self-defense bodyguard.

✔️ Convenient Use -  Easy to operate within seconds, the steering wheel lock is rubberised by the protective pads, so it can not damage the steering wheel.

✔️ Universal Fit -  Lockink™ can be adjusted to fit any steering wheel diameter, suitable for cars, and SUV's.


Package Includes: 1x Lockink™ Anti-theft Steering Wheel Lock

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