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HoopFit™ Smart Fitness Hula Hoop

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Burn Fat In Just One Week With HoopFit™!

Want to use a hula hoop but do not know how to use it? Check out our Fitness Hoop, easier to use and will never fall. Even beginners can use it!

This improved hoop burns fat 3x faster than the regular hoop. Exercise 30 minutes, five times a week, and burn up to 800 calories. It will also help physical fatigue disappear and massage the waist so you can relax.

Unlike traditional hula hoop, our HoopFit™ sits comfortably on your waist and never falls! Get more workout done in the same amount of time.

Change the number of weight blocks in the weight ball according to its load capacity, and thus the intensity of training (1 to 4 weight blocks can be placed, each about 60g). Also adjust the size with only the push of a button to fit your waist.


Burns fat faster- burn fat 3x faster compared to ordinary hula hoops.

Easy to use- it won't fall down and can be easily used by beginners.

Adjustable- it has adjustable waist size and adjustable ball weight.

Durable- made of hard ABS plastic to prevent equipment aging.


Start your fitness journey right now and get addicted to being healthy with our HoopFit™ today!

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