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CAMQO™ Adjustable Baby Car Cam

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Keep A Close Eye On Your Baby While Driving!

As parents, taking the eyes off the road to turn around and look after your baby makes you completely blind to the possible road hazards in that moment. That’s why we invented CAMQO™ — an in-vehicle video baby monitor designed to give you an “on demand” view of your baby while driving.

A small camera, attached to your baby’s seat, sends high-definition video to a clear screen mounted on your car’s dashboard. This enables drivers to quickly glance at the screen.


✔️ Safety & Durability - CAMQO™ can be placed on the centre console of the car to Prevent the need of turning around while driving.

✔️ Perfect vision - High-quality In-car monitoring system with an easily adjustable 360° camera angles so that your baby is in your perfect vision.

✔️ Easy installation - CAMQO™ couldn’t be easier to install and use. A single cable carries video and power between the camera and screen.

✔️ Firm & Stable - Our camera has been engineered to remain stable as you drive - This means safe, fun, and stress-free travelling for you and your baby.

✔️ Law complying - it’s regarded as a driver’s aid, just the same as a GPS unit so that it complies with traffic laws.



  • Auto night vision mode (providing there is slight backlight in the bar car seat)
  • 4.3” LCD HD colour monitor
  • Suitable for rear and front-facing car seats
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Compatible with any vehicle fitted with a 12v accessory plug


Package Includes: 1x CAMQO™ Adjustable Baby Car Cam System

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